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If you're lucky enough to have Gary Germaine train your son or daughter, you are in good hands. The maximum effort that he puts in - and thus expects from his goalkeepers in return - not only yields significantly improved skills, techniques, and footwork, but also the love of the passion for the game. Gary sets a high standard for his keepers and pushes them for their absolute best. He is the kind of coach that athletes want to work hard for and impress. And they do. His abilities as a coach cannot just be measured in saves or wins, but rather in the motivation, confidence, and determination he instills in his players."

Ryan WalkerDad of High School Starting Goalkeeper

I have known Gary Germaine for many years. When I found out he had moved back to Nashville my first priority was getting him on staff as NUSA's Goalkeeping Director. Having a coach with Gary's wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for the game has been a massive addition to our staff. Gary has played at the highest professional levels and brings the same energy he had as a pro player to his training sessions. His ability to create fun and challenging training environment while delivering very detailed coaching points to each player is second to none. Gary has experience coaching players at all levels across the country and we are extremely grateful to have him on staff working with our players.

Robbie StewartNUSA Executive Director

Goalkeeping is a specialized position that requires bespoke training that replicates not only the technical and tactical but also the energy demands and movement patterns. Developing effective goalkeepers goes beyond shot-stopping and this is where Gary brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that he has acquired from playing and coaching at the elite level. There are few practitioners that bring the type of energy and motivation that I have observed from watching Gary develop potential talent. I have no doubt that anyone who works with Gary will leave a better goalkeeper.

Dr. Ajit Korgaokar

Training with Gary is unmatched. Not only is his knowledge of the game immense but he can easily translate the information to the player. Working with him is well worth the investment. I can confidently say that training with Coach Gary was the right choice as i prepare for collegiate soccer.

Sydney WeinsteinIncoming Freshman for UT Chattanooga


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