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The Goalkeepers Academy – Curriculum Age Appropriate Training

U10-U13 – Boys & Girl

Session Time: 5.30pm to 7pm
Sessions Start: March 1st 2022
Session Location: Brentwood, TN

U14-U16 – Boys & Girls

Session Time: 5.30pm to 7pm
Session Start: March 2nd 2022
Session Location: Brentwood, TN

U17-U19 – Boys & Girls

Session Time: 5.30pm to 7pm
Session Start: March 3rd 2022
Session Location: Brentwood, TN
☑️  6 Goalkeepers per session max
☑️  Each session consists of 1.5 hrs training with Gary Germaine
☑️  Age Group and ability appropriate sessions
☑️  Cost per Goalkeeper $500.00 for 4 session

Private sessions are available at a cost of $200 per session for 1 hour and will cover the following Training Topics.

Diving Technique
Hand & Feet Distribution
Goalkeeper Stance/Set Position
Catching & Handling
Shot Stopping & Redirecting
Tipping, Parrying & Boxing
Defending Crosses & High Balls
Breakaway Techniques
Back to the Bar Saves
Communication & Leadership
Angle Play & Positioning
Organization of Defense/Defending
Soccer IQ
End Line Crosses & Defending Cut Backs
Defending the dangerous space behind your defense
Double Save
Reaction Saves
Miss a session you will not be refunded the difference and cannot substitute in other goalkeepers. All goalkeepers will have to be in top physical condition as each session will be extremely demanding and require a high level of fitness.
*Please sign waiver of liability otherwise you will not be able to participate. Click here to download

About Our Sessions

Session 1 Duration 90 Minutes

• The Correct Set Goalkeepers Position
• Basic Handling: Soft Hands, Catching Hands Shape, Basket Catch, Front Smothering
• Footwork Prior to Shot (“when to get set”)
• Footwork After Shot (first-step)
• Footwork into a Dive / (power-step; push-off; shuffle to a dive.
• Low Diving technique (when to parry)
• High Diving technique saves…

Session 2 Duration 90 Minutes

• Distribution (Goal-kicks, Throws, Punts, Drop-Kicks)
• Dealing with Back Passes
• Starting the Counterattack
• Goalkeeper Competitions / Goalie Wars.

Session 3 Duration 90 Minutes

• Breakaways (recent and classic techniques)
• Collecting Through Balls in the Penalty Area
• Recovering and Reloading
• Close-range shots / Reaction Saves
• Discussion: Psychological Aspects of Goalkeeping. Must attend….

Session 4 Duration 90 Minutes

• Crossing, when to go when to stay home…
• When to catch when to punch
• Tipping Over the Bar
• Punching (one and two hands) …
• No man’s land….
• Correct stance…
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